Puja Doshi stands at the forefront of innovation as a Product Manager at Google, proving that a strong foundation in education and a resilient spirit can narrow the opportunity gap in tech. Born to a middle-class family in India, Puja's personal story is one of unwavering support and academic excellence, leading her to a fulfilling career of technological advancement.

From Mumbai to Silicon Valley: A Tech Journey

Puja's path to tech was paved with an early fascination for the mechanics of computers and the internet, along with her dedication to excelling in math and science. "My parents supported my education financially throughout," she shares, underscoring the crucial role of family backing in her career.

After a successful stint with leading companies in India and an MBA under her belt, Puja transitioned to the US tech scene, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and experience. At Google, she now melds her technical expertise with a knack for communication, driving impactful discussions and projects forward.

Overcoming Barriers with Focused Strategies

Puja's experience as a woman in tech has not been without challenges. She stresses the importance of being heard in a crowded field. "I always focused on making sensible, reasonable, and well-thought discussions with the focus on execution," she asserts. It's this practical approach to problem-solving and dialogue that has helped her excel.

Practical Tips for Next-Gen Tech Innovators

Puja offers actionable advice for first-gen, low-income students eyeing the tech horizon:

  • Leverage Alternative Education: The tech industry values skill and innovation over pedigree. Puja encourages exploring online courses, coding bootcamps, and certifications to build your expertise.
    • Some of her favorite resources are Coursera, Udemy, & Linkedin Learning
  • Cultivate High-Impact Communication: Articulate your ideas clearly and back them with data. It's not just about being heard; it's about being effective.
    Puja elaborates on how to effectively communicate:
    • Focus on the core problem it is solving and its scale
    • Be very clear about who are we solving it for
    • Articulate the impact in a quantifiable manner
  • Resilience Amidst Adversity: Never allow challenges to overshadow your goals. Perseverance is crucial in the journey to success.